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Tales For AdultsThe adult way of telling bedtime storiesALB54524
Life Without HandsThe life of a man who doesn't have hands...flv53387
Fat Is Not A WordThese people ate more than 20,000 calories...ALB53341
4Lets Do BuisnnessNow thats what i call a buissness womanjpg53082
5Female InventionsFunny gadgets and stuff that was invented...ALB53013
6Sea Carrier CeremonyAmazing army ceramony on an american battle...jpg52635
7Toilet Snake PrankA brutal prank from maroko this time they...flv52398
8Quiz, Question & Answer file Good SleepSomething is really wrong in this picture...jpg52232
9Largest RC PlaneThe biggest unmanned and remote controlled...flv52215
10Quiz, Question & Answer file Their Last 2 MinutesCRAZY VIDEO - 2 cars drove while speeding...flv52082
11Sport BloopersA collection of people who really need to...flv52057
12Alien in the JungleWhat kind of animal is this supposed to beflv52009
13Water HeadThis girl has water rushing all over her...jpg52001
14Fountain Head JumpThis crazy dude goes into a fountain and...flv51949
15Deal With FearYou can either deal with your fears or run...flv51918
16Japanese DeodorantCrazy japanese ad - use japanese deodorant...flv51849
17Doggy PooYour new children movie, join the poo while...flv51810
18Loose Your SkirtThat is what happens when you close the car...flv51778
19LoveThis picture says it alljpg51731
20Camera InstallationNow this is a new way to install your camerajpg51728
21Cat And DogsThis is what happens when you have one cat...flv51717
22Bike MasterMost amazing and daring stunts you'll ever...flv51717
23Impossible DiceTry building this with dice , impossible?jpg51703
24Prank JumpThis dude jumped like crazy while seeing...flv51571
25Kittens Against ColaKittens against a coca cola boxflv51561
26The Red ColorCheck out these amazing animations of the...flv51526
27Robot WrestlingProfessional wrestling robots I choose the...flv51486
28Wooden SwingThese 2 children try to swing in very cheap...flv51445
29Flow SurferThis surfer can really fly with the wavesjpg51382
30No U TurnThis dude cannot go back once he sinksjpg51316
31Water BarbieThis barbie doll realy had to go!jpg51136
32Murphy's lawsAll of Murphy's laws and corollaries, this...doc5222
33Slim Figurethats one hell of a figure, where is this...jpg4.632769
34Quiz, Question & Answer file Phuket Plane CrashHorrible cellphone video from a man who survived...flv4.53132
35Bra HelpThis girls just keeps on asking people to...flv4.52717
36BikerWhenever you are taking shots of your girl...jpg4.52292
37Alcohol TheifAlways check who'se leeching from your drink...jpg4.51678
38Short SkirtsWorld's shortest skirt ever - now this is...ALB4.4428927
39Sexy CopThis is like the sexiest cop I have ever...jpg4.444569
40Megasaurus DestroysMegasaurus destroys car, until now i had...flv4.44704
41Sexy JumperThis babe can jump my stick any dayjpg4.43427
42Angel TattooAmazing photo of an angel looking tattoo girljpg4.3516068
43Poisen BabeThis is probably the sexiest dance I have...flv4.334758
44Office Bicycle RideThe most amazing bike ride right in the core...flv4.333957
45Bike RideAnyone needs a sexy ride?jpg4.332310
46Balance Balls 2Great game - Use the arrow to change your...swf4.255681
47Dude Your Wifes GayWonder if its too late?jpg4.254365
48Cat Vs MouseMouse with cheese cought running away from...jpg4.252203
49Britney UnderwearBritney spears was caught bathing only in...flv4.135694
50Murphy's laws PDFPDF version - all of Murphy's laws and corollaries,...pdf4.051646

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