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What is

"File & Content Distribution System, Free and effective way to spread files to the internet community"

Basic Sitemap:

Why NakNik?

  •   Download files with no limits.
  •   Upload files and links within seconds.
  •   Many view methods for any file within the browser.
  •   Comment, Message & Report any file.
  •   Transfer any file to your Email with a unique mail method.
  •   Signup and manage your uploads and files.
  •   Community messeges between members.
  •   Personal Homepage for any member.
  •   Unique user profiles and options for all members.
  •   Filter and rate all files with advanced options.
  •   Google and Search engine integration to your files.
  •   Internal advanced search system to track any file.
  •   Quiz files to submit your questions to the world.
  •   Photo albums - Create and spread images in albums.
  •   Album Copier - Copy all images from another site within seconds.

All Tips and Tricks: