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Welcome to the Multimedia Resource on
Multimedia files are: Presentations (PowerPoint), Sound files (Mp3) & Flash Games / Files.
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Type Name Description Score Views
Sure Lifetime IncomeGift once, receive multiples of gifts from $150 to $10,000 daily.
Cash Gifting Program• With A $500 Gift, $400 Gets Sent To The Inviter and $100 Gets Sent To The Inviter's Inviter.2015
Cash Gifting ProgramThis is THE MOST POWERFUL Cash Gifting Activity Structure in the history of Cash Gifting.-2040
Mouse Panic GamePut your mouse over the white / black objects only take it away from other colored objects-3736
Balance Balls 2Great game - Use the arrow to change your alignment and don't let any balls make you fall with them.5682
Dance Game OngakuUse the arrows and dance to the music like you do in the dance dance revolution game!2973
The Amazing PhotonThe Amazing Photon 3 Sequal Amazing game, use the arrows and space to collect colors and abilities4264
Strong Bad VirusThe amazing and very funny effects of 400,000 viruses on your computer!4643
Useless InventionsHere is some weird inventions. I think some of them are made by Japanese!100
Miss WorldAll the hottest seleced babes from international beauty pageant, Check out the babe from UK-132
NY Terror AttackHorrible and Rare images from the 9/11 attack on the US75
Woman!Men never understand what females say to them, awesome!-112
Scotty doesnt knowAwesome song with really funny background animation.-1858
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